How to Put an Army Promotion Packet Together

This will announce when they’re considering promotion board packages. They’ll send correspondence to their subordinate units. This distance learning will outline what they expect the packet to look for instance. In many cases, they’ll ask for the “Promotion Packet Composition, Elections and Preferences” on the folder’s left. They’ll ask for Tab’s A through E on the folder’s right.

What that’s needed:

Before you start, make sure that you have the following: Two-hole-punch; a manila binder, two sheets, tabbed, with metal clasps centered on the top bar on each side; cut-out single manila folder sheets to discover the different tabs; tab labels; and your promotion packet portions.

Your unit should have the manila folder with clasps aimed at the top. All you need is one that opens up, two sheets exclusively. You could purchase the plastic tabs at a store that carries office supplies. These usually come with instructions on how to manufacture the labels on Microsoft Word. You’ll have to access a website that will download the template.

Make copies of your packet items, either hardcopy and digital.

Make sure that you make copies of your box, both hard copy and electronic. Scan every item as part of your promotion packet. Save these in a folder on your computer, next save that folder to multiple computers, multiple protecting devices, and personal storage accounts on the Internet.

Here’s how it could supposed to work.

Before moving on, here’s a breakdown of the “Promotion Packet Composition, Elections and Preferences” tab system.

Your individual Army promotion packet will have the items from Section T of the “Promotion Packet Composition, Elections and Preferences” kind. You’ll see three columns titled; Initials, Tab, and Description/Instructions. The first two blank spaces under the “Tab” column will be for items that will be at the top of the right side of your bundle. They don’t have their own tab label.

When the reviewer starts up your packet, he or she will see the “Promotion Packet Makeup, Elections and Preferences” form on the left side. They’ll see your advertising point computation worksheet (SGT/SSG promotion) on the right. It is the DA Form 3355. If you’re writing a letter towards President of the Board, this’ll be under your campaign points computation sheet.

Under your promotion points worksheet, the reviewer will see a bunch of “tabs” to the side. These brausetabletten are named after the tab number, or letter, that you will find under the tab column. Each tab will be called follows: A, B, B-1, B-2, B-3, B-4, B-5, B-6, B-7, C, D, and E. know more here

When the reporter holds the tab-label holding “B” and lifts the exact attached single manila folder sheet that it’s attached to, he can see your DA Forms 2A and 2-1. When he pulls the B-1 tab, and attached folder, he’ll see your PT card. This concept applies throughout the Army promotion supply. Use the “Promotion Packet Composition, Elections and Preferences” bed sheet as a guide.