Many homeowners fear that the sole remedy for their dirty, faded roof would be a roof replacement. This misconception may wind up costing them tens of thousands of dollars to get a new roof, even when a professional electricity wash might have restored their roof to like-new requirement for less. Maybe your roof appears in need of repair or Pressure Washing Service and you’ve been asking yourself whether your roof has to be repaired. However, before you jump into a premature complete roof replacement, then think about the advantages of a specialist roof cleaning.

Soft wash roof cleaning removes and eliminates those nasty black streaks in your roof. Black streaking in your roof isn’t dirt, but signs of an Algae expansion named Gloeocapsa Magma. Don’t allow that Algae expansion convince you that you require a roof replacement–it is really quite treatable. A program of Algaecide through a gentle wash roof cleaning will kill the algae and neutralize it so it can’t continue to grow and spread.

Pressure Washing Service

Soft wash roof cleaning will help to prolong the life your own roof. A specialist roof cleaning, such as the Low Pressure Soft Wash Roof Cleaning procedure Provided by Perfect Power Wash, includes a dual application of Algaecide. Following the very first program kills the algae, another application employs an additive which will protect and prevent against potential algae development and will continue to keep your roof looking newer for longer.

Soft wash roof cleaning protects against reduced roof shingles. Algae growth thrives on moisture and, if left untreated, adheres to the shingles of the roofing. This causes the shingles to reduce their protective masonry filler, which divides them and makes them more vulnerable to blowing your roof off. Missing or damaged shingles is a significant concern for any homeowner, even since it leaves your roofing bare and more vulnerable to leaks or other harm.

Renew and extend the life span of your roof using an expert roof cleaning soft wash support from Perfect Power Wash..